Guillermo Otero
Creative Director
Meet Guillermo, a creative director with 20+ years of experience in the advertising industry. A vast set of skills and a love for problem solving. His background in world-class visual storytelling, film, video, lighting, sound design, and branding make him a well-rounded creator. His keen eye for detail is clear in his compositions. In photography and videography, communication science, graphic and web design, and songwriting, he can offer a unique and inclusive approach to creative projects. Guillermo is a skilled leader who can effectively manage and inspire teams to achieve success. He has a deep understanding of the industry's latest technologies available, bringing fresh perspectives and new ideas to the table. Outside work he is a dedicated dad to Rio Otero, passionate about family as that is his motivator. This passion is reflected in Guillermo's work, where Guillermo combines technical expertise with an artistic approach to create visually stunning and impactful media. Born and raised in Mexico City, Guillermo is ready to take on new challenges with the opportunity to help businesses grow and succeed.