Bronz Babe

About this Project
The project goal is to create a user-friendly UX e-commerce experience along with stunning marketing materials for the CBD infused self-tanning product on the market, Bronz Babe.
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• Shopify E-Commerce • UX Web Design • Brand Identity • Product Design • Product Photography • 3D Animation • Creative Ads • Copywriting •

The product is designed to provide a natural-looking, radiant tan at home, and is formulated with CBD for added skincare benefits.

The visual identity for the brand is clean, modern, and youthful, with a focus on beach and summer vibes, as the brand is inspired by the sunny, coastal city of Laguna Beach.

The marketing materials highlight the key benefits of the product, such as its moisturizing formula, fast drying, non-tacky finish, and natural-looking, streak-free results.

The design deliverables range from Shopify, Webflow, creative ads for various social media platforms, email campaigns, product displays, and packaging.

The designs are consistent with the visual identity of the brand and effectively communicate the key benefits of the product.

Our team is working closely with the marketing team to ensure that the designs align with the overall marketing strategy and that the materials are effective in driving sales and building brand awareness.

partnership in progress.