el huizache

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Art you can walk on? Yes, please!
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El huizache is a family-owned artisanal studio in Oaxaca, Mexico. This talented family of Zapotec weavers called on us to document and showcase their precious family legacy of handwoven textiles.

With awareness, we truly appreciate the beauty and creativity in each and every detail of the art.

Each strand is handled in a gentle and mindful way. These strands are then dyed with nature's elements.

Where traditional techniques are brought to play, with every thread so tightly spun, our stories woven, one by one.

The dyes are made from earth's rich hue, and every color is a gift from nature.

Each stroke of the loom becomes a dance, a celebration of the weaver's chance, to bring life to this art so grand, to craft a masterpiece by hand.

The result is a tapestry so fine, with patterns that seem to intertwine. A story told through every strand. A beauty that will stand the test of time.

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