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branding • creative direction • animation • video • graphic design
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Branding • Creative Direction • Animation • Film • Graphic design

The dream. A sustainable, conscious, and plant-forward space for off-grid living.

One with Nature.

It is the priority to embrace what is fundamental, essential, and elemental. Where investment meets tranquility. Elemental, as back to the basics.

The first Quercus began in 2001 in a beautiful 4-hectare forest located 5 minutes from downtown Pátzcuaro, Michoacán on the highway to Santa Clara del Cobre. Its founder, Ing. Fernando Peña, envisioned the concept of a Sports and camping club with private areas for cabins with large green areas and with the dream of creating a model fraternity.

At Quercus, members can enjoy spacious common areas with a country dining room, children's play areas, sports fields, pedestrian paths, parking, and recreation areas. Likewise, families can enjoy nature in a safe and reliable environment, where there is congruence, harmony, sustainability, and respect for the environment.

Additionally, Quercus represents a good investment and a family heritage. Given the initial concept's success, in 2003, the family business took shape to incorporate the new generation. Fernando, Javier, and Jesús were contributing with new ideas according to their areas of specialty, such as strategic planning, architecture, and sustainable design and systems.

To date, they have four successful projects in Michoacán (Quercus I and II in Pátzcuro, Quercus Explora, and Quercus. Mil Cumbres), and three in Baja California Sur: Quercus Baja, Quercus Elemental, and Ventus.

They currently have more than 800 satisfied members.

Quercus has the vision to continue creating sustainable clubs and communities, creating memorable experiences where more families can enjoy safe places in natural environments of great beauty in harmony and contact with nature, and represent a good investment for the future.

Active ongoing project.